Sunday, 25 June 2017

The GM thinks this is a wonderful plan

We scouted out the bit around the nexus point. Turns out the Rakshasa structures around it were to protect from stuff coming through the nexus point, rather than protect from outside forces. The surrounding woodland was pretty much Narnia, what with all the stone statues everywhere.

A lot of prowling happened.

Gorbash has learned the Stone to Flesh spell, so he can turn the statues back into people, and practised it by turning a perfectly ordinary not-previously-a-human stone to disturbing results. Would not recommend.

Fact-finding mission done, we later decided to go back and attack the devils who had taken it over, because better the devils you know. (Yeah, that the Rakshasa are the good guys here (sort of) was painful to admit.) Right?

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Revenge is best served with fusion blocks

We continued the discussion with Sister Anna the Rakshasa. Turns out she wants our help to get a nexus point back. She's held it for over 70 years and now someone has taken it off her, and she's not happy. Despite feeling a bit iffy about calling a truce with the Rakshasa, we agreed to at least go and have a look.

Booker's box that went "ding!" last week turned out to have a bunch of Plot Devices in it. Or, as it may turn out to be, Deus Ex Machinas. They do point at us encountering Gorgons at some point. As in the Medusa type Gorgons, not the metallic bulls.

Perhaps the Rakshasa are the lesser of two evils ...

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Axe, not ass - makes more sense now

After putting Deadlands: Hell on Earth on pause for a bit, we've instead arrived back at the Blackstone Juggernauts. Booker informed the crew that our friend and boss John has in fact been replaced by someone and we should look into that. Gorbash went to talk to Ixchal and give her that white rose petal - she was suitably impressed - and Jayson went for a booty call at Maria's.

Apparently there's a big bounty on all of our heads - except for Donna's, which Booker found incredibly suspicious.

Then a Rakshasa called Sister Anna wanted to meet us at a diner that did very nice burgers and milkshakes. She wanted some stuff back. And then there was an ominous ringing sound coming from Booker's coat ...

Sunday, 4 June 2017

He wasn't dying a moment ago

We went into some kind of other-dimensional house with a magic lift (elevator) and got stuck in various rooms and it wasn't necessarily all fun and games. Someone came upon a chained-up vampire that he decided to free (because why not?) and another room had a booze collection and Elgar records that simply weren't up to Elgar's usual standard.

And then Florence Nightingale turned out to be a bad guy, because these things tend to happen in M&M. :D