Sunday, 26 March 2017

Human culture is weird

We're on the way - to, uh, wherever it is we're supposed to go - and on the way decided to stop at a charming little village which time seems to have forgotten about. It was a bit like a renaissance fair, and everyone was friendly and oddly unarmed. "Trouble doesn't seem to come this way", they said, which sounds utterly suspicious. Turns out it was also kind of correct. Seeing as how we didn't mean the town or its citizens any harm, we could see the town and enter it - others were not as lucky.

The next day we moved through a place which was rammed full of astral beings who might or might not be after a snack. It was creepy.

Almost as creepy as finding a lady by an Egyptian obelisk who insisted she wasn't the goddess Isis, despite compelling evidence that said otherwise ...

Sunday, 19 March 2017

You know there's such a thing as dice rolling apps, right?

We continued fighting the Nxla cultists who so rudely interrupted us when we went to visit their neighbours.

Oh well, they're not standing anymore, that's for sure.

We then decided it was high time to get out of that town ... because even though we've paid for our citizenship, they will probably still frown on mass murdering ...

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Help, I'm in a cage with a creepy paedo!

We did actually have a session last Monday, but it was just the three of us playing a couple of boardgames, so I gave the quote book a night off. Therefore:

Stuck at a creepy carnival, our heroes found themselves being asked to play various parts in some kind of Alice in Wonderland story. It was pretty weird.

It got weirder.

People were killed, libraries exploded, robots were fixed, journals obtained, and ... yeah. Zombie magicians. Sloth being a walrus. Alice stuck in a cage. Pretty darn weird.

And we still haven't found the school.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Not all sayings work in Soviet Russia

And here we are ... in Soviet Russia, where we've now made it to the 1970s, because our Monday gaming session got cancelled. I love having backup posts ready to go like this!