Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Is there anyone you HAVEN'T shot?

Unfortunately, we were not one but TWO players down last session, so we had to resort to playing boardgames instead. Or in this case a card game - we played Cards Against Humanity with great merriment. Probably hit scrota in record time or something.

Since I was too busy laughing to jot down quotes, here's the final episode of Jurisfiction: Meanwhile in Narnia, in which the agents meet Aslan (who in no way has the chocolatey voice of Liam Neeson) and explain a few things to him. And then they shoot him with a tranquiliser dart, of course. This is a roleplaying game, after all.

They also solve the mystery of whodunnit, and "accidentally" tranq Peter Pevensie just as he's trying to hit on Carmilla. It was the best day ever!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

You know those innocent bystanders ...

We decided to start early and finish off the scene from last week so that we'd be ready to rejoin Drake when his player arrived, but as it happens, he never did. :(

Still in Rakshasa territory, we spoke to a guy called Richard (I consider the naming of that NPC to be a tribute to Rik Mayall, even though I don't think that was the case) who was happy to divulge pretty much everything he knew even before Baradhi did a little mind control on him. Richard later got his head ripped off by Sister Anna, the Rakshasa lady of which we're now sworn enemies.

Thinking it was terribly uncouth to rip a perfectly decent guy's head off, we went to town on a bunch of Rakshasa, and the rest of the session seemed to go by in a flash - and we're only like half-way through combat!

Also: We have seen Booker's secret hideout. It's kind of creepy. And the Rakshasa are now terrified of Booker. As well they should be!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Getting maimed? Not in the mood!

Well, the Rakshasa were toast and the party survived, so that's good. The group also had a chance to catch up with Booker. Drake went and got his armour sorted, as his player was indisposed.

Booker, it turns out, used to kill innocent people for money before he met us. We daresay it explains a few things. The amulet he bought off a friend (who was a little too eager to get rid of it) turns out to be a symbol of Splugorth, and that's generally not considered a good fashion accessory.

And then we used those red bandannas to infiltrate Rakshasa Raider territory while trying to find that big box full of doom gate, and uh, let's just say we're starting to have a Bad Feeling about this campaign ...

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Who doesn't want to roll a bucket of d6?

Investimagations continued. Baradhi and Jayson went to a pub so that Baradhi could appear to be asleep, when he in actual fact was in astral form looking at Rita the Major Babe's shop with Jayson standing sitting guard. There were three large smoke pillars - solid on the astral plane - that took up most of the room.

Meanwhile, the other three were back at base, with Booker still in charge. Because the other two didn't check back in, Gorbash was dispatched to make sure they weren't in trouble.

They weren't. They just hadn't checked in. The three kept looking around a bit more, and talked to a shopkeeper.

And then they didn't check in on a very good line, so Drake was dispatched. Booker stayed back at the base ... having a coffee ... very slowly ...

And then a lot of Rakshasa came for the rest of the party, from every direction ...

So. Anyone for Rakshasa mince?