Wednesday, 28 May 2014

All good deeds must be given with a minor crime

And we're off!

So, we killed Milan, the dragon allied with the Rakshasa, and that was just the last adventure. For this, Booker Dayes (the gunslinger) got a mystery box from the Gray Seers, filled with all manner of weird and wonderful things. There's a protective amulet, a kinetic force gun (totally frickin awesome), a brick with a cryptic message, some red bandannas and a bag of what 1200 credits later turned out to be table salt.

As the Blackstone Juggernauts chief went out to buy loo roll or something, he put Booker Dayes in charge, so when a creepy guy called Rolf (without an Aussie accent, we hasten to add) said he wanted us to find his missing girlfriend, Booker got us a pretty sweet deal. Hopefully.

The missing woman is slightly beyond a Jessica Rabbit level of hotness, so the rest of the team seemed quite interested in helping out. Perhaps less so Christopher Drake the Glitter Boy who, when not in his armour, is dead from the waist down. Well, presumably he still is even in his armour, it's just that he can move around.

Baradhi and Jayson went to check out the place where Jessica Rabbit has a magic shop, and Gorbash had a look around with Drake but things were heating up, so they got out of there. It might have had something to do with Drake threatening to maim a guy ...

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Didn’t you say we were going to finish tonight?

Last session we had a shoot-out in a café, where we were supposed to meet up with a team of Hunters from Nottingham. Instead, we got attacked by some creatures and had to leave. Tilly got a bit upset because a creature was actually an innocent (she can see people's souls now) ... which didn't stop the rest of the party killing it.

This session we went to Trevor's and met the Hunters there instead. It turned out we all had pets, in one way or another (Eddie is Trevor's pet, vodka is Zolistagol's, and then there's Tilly's little Rommel, of course).

The other team were a bit weird - one of the women was about as doolally as Trevor's sister Agatha, and she talked about monsters being in the house, but we didn't see any. The Nottingham team spraypainted a corner of the living room.

And then came a policeman, Detective Black, who asked strange questions. As his car left the driveway, there was a noise from the roof - David Hayes (Trevor's bodyguard) had shot the guy. Great. Super-strength junkie woman (who kept babbling an awful lot) dragged the car up to the house and hid it in a barn, because now the mansion apparently has one. How to get rid of the evidence? Well, apparently creatures like the one Rommel is (when he's not just a puppydog) can go all CSI and eat any forensic evidence. So that's useful - and ever so slightly horrifying.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Introducing Father Christmas with +5 vorpal slay bells

Last week, the Ref had to cancel at the last minute, so we ended up playing the boardgame Eldritch Horror. And, of course, we tend to be a bit too engrossed in playing the boardgame to write things down. Also, we tend to talk about things that aren't particularly funny when written down, such as who should move where and do what.

Instead, have the penultimate instalment of Jurisfiction: Meanwhile in Narnia! In this bit, the agents meet Father Christmas ... and then shoot him with a tranquiliser dart, strip him bare and put Louis in the Santa suit. Oh, if only Aslan would hurry up and get here ...

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Like the Salvador Dali of monster hunting

So, the team - okay, Tilly - has acquired an Alsatian puppy/tentacle monster dubbed Rommel (because reasons), who might or might not have decided to do its business in Trevor's Land Rover.

Meanwhile, Eddie, Tommy and Zolistagol went gallavanting around the underground passages we recognised from the previous adventure, and found a tentacle monster disguised as a lady - who picked up the Molotov thrown at her. They responded by chucking the whole petrol can at her, but unfortunately Zolistagol's player forgot he has the "Heroic Molotov" skill. Which could have been useful at the time. At any rate, explosions were exploding.

Then we hung out with the eastern European dude who might or might not have gone by the name Rommel during World War II, we're not sure. Either way, we're seeing the light in the tunnel that is this adventure - we just have to make sure it's not a train about to run us over. Which is just as well, because when Zolistagol finds out Trevor scratched the paintwork on his precious, vintage Mercedes, there will be blood.