Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Objects in the rear-view mirror may explode quicker than you think

We started where we left off last session rather than doing the entire scene again from scratch.

While Ugrub was held at gunpoint by the remaining survivor from the van, Dru got out of the car and planted explosives under the van and then telling everyone to get the hell out, as there was only a six-second fuse. Ugrub still got shot but managed to run off, with Dru running after him and Teddy hiding in an alley in the other direction. Phage managed to drive off, but surprisingly, so did the van. Phage stomped on the brakes of her car and the speeding van blew up a bit further down the street, causing a gridlock all over downtown.

She then picked up Harold, a.k.a. the guy we were supposed to convert, and drove him home. Because she suspected him of not telling her the whole truth and nothing but the truth, she shot him in the leg and then wanted Dru to talk her through patching him up over the phone.

The rest of the gang re-grouped, with Ugrub patched up, and walked for a bit until they managed to flag down a taxi to go to the gated community where Harold lived. As Phage got there first, she threatened Harold's wife Marie, because she wasn't panicked enough that a stranger had come home with her husband bleeding profusely from a gunshot wound to the leg.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Introducing the Duffel Bag of Destruction!

We didn't get very far in this session, to be perfectly honest. We plotted what we were going to do when meeting the guy Phage had lured to a café. Ugrub waited by the back door while Phage and Dru kept look-out by the front window, posing as coffee-drinkers. The job of talking to the guy fell on Teddy.

The guy was convinced defecting was a good idea, and Teddy suggested he go home and pack and be ready to leave home with his wife and family in about three hours. Basically, so that his current employer wouldn't find out and do something bad to him.

Shorty after the guy left, some guy in the booth next to where Teddy had been sitting also left, so we all went to red alert. Then Teddy mind-controlled the guy, who started shooting into a parked van on the other side of the street, and the rest of the session was taken up with that combat.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Creating blackmail material like a baws

It's our lucky night! Not only did we pick up fancy stuff with the money we had rolled for, we also got a new player on board! He passed the initiation test - namely, putting up with us lot - and impressed the two Swedes by not spitting out the salty liquorice he was offered. Fitting right in straight away! :D

A new player also means a new character joining the party, namely a human Decker called Phage. It means we're starting out as a (gasp) well-rounded party!

The game begun by us being offered a job by a big corporation to snatch someone who was interested in defecting from one big corporation to another. We just need to get to him so we can have a little chat. Without being hit by corporate assassins or something like that. Easy peasy. Especially when we use the hacker to pose as a former colleague of his. He used to stare at her boobs. We think. What could possibly go wrong?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Levelling up and character generating with explosives

It's a short post this time, because it's two different sessions where not a lot was written down. The first, because we just levelled up our Rifts characters and then played the Firefly boardgame. The only quote from the boardgaming is the last one in section one.

The next week, we started generating characters for the brand-spanking new Shadowrun (5th edition) campaign. It's set in Seattle, and what we're doing, we don't know yet, because we never got that far. Instead, we ended up talking about childhood indiscressions, to the point where I suggested deletion of the audio file so as to not be in possession of incriminating evidence. Ahem.

With no further ado, here's the new party:

Elf Face Shaman "Nice Guy Teddy": He's a professional translator who told his employer about a murder plot, and then for some reason his car got blown up and pretty much everything else. Since then, he sort of lives on the streets.

Troll Street Samurai "Ugrub Carter": Funnily enough, he was ordered to blow up someone's car (not Teddy's), and things kind of went south for him as well, so now he's sort self-employed.

Dwarf Street Doctor - "Dru" (Druguntha): If this name sounds familiar, it's because it is. After blowing up a pizzeria to cover up a crime scene in New York, the German import Dru apparently made her way to Seattle. And now she has a back story and everything. And a medical degree.

Let the mayhem commence!