Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Dragonslayers are GO!

As far as cunning plans go, ours was very cunning indeed. First, Gorbash antagonised Milan by dipping a toe in the guy's territory. Milan, so big and strong, apparently needs six Rakshasa to combat Gorbash, which says a lot about both of them. Gorbash tried reasoning with him, but Milan wasn't interested.

With Milan out of the way, Baradhi and Sir Jayson went to find the gate box. Baradhi astral walked into the building, down some stairs and found the box in the basement. Unfortunately, there was someone there who could see him, so he had to make a quick exit.

After reporting back to HQ, we decided that the best option to retrieve the box - or destroy it - was to not have Milan there, because he's a fricken DRAGON. So we went somewhere near a ley line in his territory, tooled up and waited.

He shot first.

Or, okay, breathed fire first, barbecuing some poor bystanders in the process. Baradhi cast Carpet of Adhesion to make sure he couldn't move, and then we shot him with everything we had. First, Gorbash was blinded and accidentally blew up a building (with innocent people inside) thinking he was aiming for Milan. Sir Jayson, who was blinded next, still had a good aim, though, and his robot horse came into its own as well.

Now Milan is dead, so we can all call ourselves Dragonslayers. W00t! Gorbash took the body to the head of Stormspire (who wanted four pints of dragon blood), said "here you go" and as a reward, the guy is going to go after - and destroy, we hope - that box we were after. So, uh, we appear to have finished the adventure already.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PB&Z sandwich with a side of squishy mage

As Jayson woke up all sweaty and squee-worthy from the bad dream, Gorbash headed out of the window to find the zombies that were allegedly on the way. While waiting, Jayson got dressed (bow-chicka-bow-wow) and Baradhi went downstairs to help himself to a drink.

There were indeed zombies on the way. And a mage.

We slew the zombies (hard buggers they were too), and in a stroke of genius, Gorbash flew down and grabbed hold of the mage ... squishing him to pieces. Apparently that worked better than trying to shoot him with firebolts and laser cannons. He then went on to see if the body or the head would hit the ground first, because science, and because Gorbash is a young dragon eager to learn.

When we got back to HQ, Baradhi went and got tooled up in a weapons shop. He got a number of grenades, despite Jayson's objections. Baradhi didn't get himself any kind of skills to be able to handle the grenades - much to the seller's dismay - but at least he got a friendly cyborg to help train him a little.

While Baradhi practiced his new explosive toys, Jayson practiced with his new bow and arrow and then went to bed and finally got some proper sleep. Meanwhile, Gorbashi surveyed the land in dragon form only to find a place in the distance with the charming name Soul Harvest, which is probably where we need to go. Yay.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

I think my dice are scared of sidequests

Plot Progression!

Baradhi went ley line hopping over to the town of Londonium, from where it would appear the gate box originated. Around the house where it was presumably created, around 40 people had died mysteriously.

We finally went back to see the insect people, whose queen gave Baradhi his gift - a headband full of mystical runes. Once adorned, the headband would not come off.

Meanwhile, bad dreams kept pestering Jayson, including visions of a guy called Gabriel, who kept repeating "Must save the world" over and over like some sort of mad wizard dude. We suspect Gabriel is being manipulated by Nxla, considering he seems hellbound to opening portals from Nxla's world to ours, sucking out souls and that.

Either way, we're not doing what the GM expected us to do, but then what else is new?

And then the zombies came.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

You don’t need armour if they’re dead

When approaching a town, to which the party had tracked a missing box from the shipment transport, we encountered our fellow Blackstone Juggernaut Booker Dayes, the gunslinger. He was just finishing up "escorting" Liberace/a gaudy merchant/possibly his pimp, and reluctantly decided to join us.

We were urged to leave town as soon as we set a foot in it. They didn't want any trouble, and we looked like trouble (peh!). They'd struck a deal with human-eating lizard people to keep the town safe, we found out thanks to Baradhi's magics, and it would be a terrible shame if we were to get eaten. So we decided to stick around. After Jayson got his psi sword out and his kit off (more gifs, presumably) to prove he was a Cyber Knight.

Gorbash did his best to impress the townsfolk - whose previous experience of dragons didn't exactly make them friendly - by going to a hospital and healing people. When not getting drunk with Baradhi, Booker got to blow up a building (he was very happy).

The missing cargo was found along with the lone survivor from the transport, who insisted the box was evil and had to be destroyed. We were almost destroyed when finding this out, but it's good to have a friendly dragon on your side. The cargo - belonging to the mysterious "R.A.", how's that for coincidence? - was later delivered to Milan and a bunch of Rakshasa. We may have decided to find out where it was going ...