Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Accidental Homosexual Incident

Aaaaand we're back!

Gorbash the young dragon, Sir Jayson Oakwood the Cyber Knight and Michael Baradhi the Leywalker/Wizardy type went to the spider creatures to claim Baradhi's reward. (Booker Dayes the gunslinger had been called away to babysi escort a merchant, and was therefore absent.) They said the reward would be ready in a few days, could we perhaps come back later?

The group decided to go to a nearby town and spend the night. While drinking in the local pub, we came across a friend, Gerald, who was drowning his sorrows because his wife's merchant caravan had gone missing. Could we perhaps look into it for him? Seeing as how he offered us $300k for the trouble, who were we to say no?

When talk turned to heading to bed, Gerald somehow interpreted our response to mean we wanted to join him. In bed. This made him uncomfortable, although we had no idea what he was on about. It did cause some tension later, when Baradhi woke up to find Gorbash leaning over Sir Jayson's sleeping body, nose to nose ... Said Cyber Knight has been having (k)nightmares recently, and might or might not involve having a Necromancer as a nemesis.

Gorbash made a new friend, female dragon Ixchel, in whose territory Gorbash spends a lot of time. Fortunately, she's a friendly kind of dragon. Unlike Milan, from the previous adventure, who would rather see Gorbash dead, so now both Baradhi and Jayson now want to have the title Dragonslayer. No reason.

Oh yeah, and the shipment thingy? Found the transport ... and the bony remains of two bodies, one of which seemed to belong to Gerald's wife.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beavers and buttheads

After talking to Brian Tumnus in the pub, the group of Jurisfiction agents skipped ahead a few chapters and went to see the beaver couple, to check if they had any Christmas decorations stashed away, or at least knew anything about it. They had, and they did.

Van Helsing and Carmilla, in some kind of Mexican standoff, waited outside the beaver hut while Alice said hello to her idol Lucy Pevensie and her older siblings Susan and Peter. (Edmund was of course off somewhere fraternising with the enemy over some Turkish delight.) Lucy turned out to have more in common with a certain modern female character than anyone could have anticipated - much to the distress of Alice and the players.

Meanwhile, Louis and Long John went around investigating ... and met a nameless dwarf, who had a few things to say about his employer (the White Witch), his lack of a name, and the reason behind the recent influx of Christmas decorations in the book. Louis was kind enough to give the dwarf a name: Louis. Just a shame it won't last.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Why would we sell our friends to Aslan?

We continue the Jurisfiction adventure. We're in Narnia, investigating contraband Christmas ornaments that might be disrupting the narrative. At least if we let it, which we won't, because we're Jurisfiction agents.

Here, the agents meet Mr Tumnus, with his ehhhh interesting wardrobe, and then head off to a hidden pub called the Golden Lion, where Mr Tumnus's brother Brian is having a tea - because you can't get alcoholic beverages in this children's novel. Not even rum.

And Aslan, peh, he's not good for pub business. What with turning water into wine and everything. Bloody cheapskate.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Equal rights for people with no pulse!

The first ever Jurisfiction adventure to span more than one session! In this one, the group left The Shining to meet up with Abraham van Helsing at HQ, before moving on to Narnia. Van Helsing and Carmilla instantly took a disliking to one another. While the rest of the party gathered at the lamp post, Carmilla, thanks to botching a Bookjumping roll, ended up in Wonderland. Well, she WAS rather preoccupied with Alice ...

On the other hand, the Red Queen was keen to get her hands on a Narnian statue and gave Carmilla a bag of Christmas ornaments as payment. But she had better come back with a bear, or heads will roll.