Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Finding Axcalibur with a d10 frag grenade

Seeing as how we were going to check out a warehouse, we got tooled up. The Russian especially, he went to B&Q and really went to town. Tilly went home and got tooled up mentally, by looking through books, finding an obscure reference to a Czechoslovakistani blood ritual cult from the early 1800s, headed by a guy whose name even the GM had trouble pronouncing, but "Tonsillitis" is close enough.

After meeting up at Starbucks, we also got tooled up very below board in a car park. Now we're carrying some old, sawn-off shotguns with ammo, a couple of handaxes and a bigger, diamond-edged axe Eddie took such a shine to that he named it Axcalibur.

At the warehouse, we heard voices ... saw footsteps ... and witnessed the carrying of a big box that definitely was from an Indiana Jones film, even though the GM insists the box really doesn't contain the Ark of the Covenant. Shots were fired (not by us), and suddenly we found ourselves face to face with the warehouse owner. In the words of the Teletubbies: uh-oh.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Football is the answer to everything, including cake

At Trevor's mansion (it has a long drive, it's a mansion), we settled down for the night. Cans of Stella, football on telly, zombies trying to break through the back door ... the usual. We also found Trevor's sister Agatha in the basement - but she seems to have lost the plot.

Eddie sacrificed his precious pimped-out baseball bat hitting at the zombie, and we all got away relatively unscathed. Well, apart from the bodyguard, but hey, he's just an NPC.

And then we had pizza, looked at old school internet message boards and made contact with a potential ally in Nottingham.

It was an eclectic sort of session.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Are we doing one dead body a day now?

After we busied ourselves with doing things like trying limited edition crisps with weird flavours, we got down to actual roleplaying. We had food in the same fancy restaurant as before (Eddie wasn't happy about his fish and chips, because herb-crusted seabass and frites or something like that wasn't greasy enough), and when meeting up at the university, in Tilly's office ... shit got real. As in, there we were, having a nice meeting, and what happened? Murderous zombies attacked us. It was very uncalled for.

On a happier note, Trevor went and got himself a bodyguard. The bodyguard turned out to be less than ecstatic over his 10k/day salary when he realised we'd be chased by near-indestructible zombies and not just general thugs. In the end, we made our way to Trevor's it's-a-house-not-a-mansion, for some televised football and lager (Eddie), breadmaking (Trevor), bathing (Tilly), and researching (Zolistagol). And then we were attacked again, and it all got a little unpleasant.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

We don't need no edumacation!

In a bizarre, Matrix-esque twist, we kept coming across people called Eric Smith. One of whom was Eddie's brother Daniel - who was in two places at once. One version was Dan the Man, the other one was a clean-cut Daniel in a crisp, white shirt. A very disturbing sight. While looking through some files, we also discovered an Eric Smith who was the spitting image of Lord Trevor ... and an Erica Smith, looking like Dr Tilly's twin.

There were also scenes in university lecture halls, posh restaurants (Trevor paid, so we like him), kebab shops, mansions and terraced houses. Oh, and Lord Trevor decided to hire himself a bodyguard for lots of money. The two university lecturers, less well-endowed money-wise, had to settle for living on the same street as Eddie, and Eddie takes care of His People.

Oh, and the next table over had a delightful singalong, which we managed to hijack. :D