Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Let’s get ready to fumble!

Ahh new week, new game! This time, we've gone for Hunter: The Reckoning, which the GM has set in modern day Derby. The new characters are as follows:

  • Eddie Smith, 23, football hooligan
  • Matilda Churchill, 53, parapsychology professor
  • Trevor Simmons, 28, circuit judge
  • Zolistagol Bagridan, 48, ancient history professor

Lord Simmons was in court, letting Eddie Smith's brother go. Meanwhile, at Derby University, the two professors held their respective classes. After work was done, the court people were driving home, the professors were on the bus ... and they all had strange visions. Someone, who turned out to be a monster, drove his - and Eddie's - car off the road, along with the bus. And it all got very, very strange ...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Can I take your Sanity?

For this session, we did two things: levelled up our Rifts characters, followed by a game of Mansions of Madness, one of the expansions. The GM had had a bad day, so he was definitely in the mood to inflict pain on us - but first, getting us into a false sense of security by being nice.

We got the clues, were doing okay, and when the character with the silver tablet was making a run for the exit, hell broke loose ... quite literally. And then we all failed horribly and the GM won. It was a fun session. :D

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Harry Dresden and the Coffee of Intimidation

While we stuck around waiting for our contract to finish, Gorbash was visited by the dragon whose territory he was in. They had to strike a deal, or there would have been a big dragon show-down. Probably.

Booker tried to stay low, to avoid being spotted by the Rakshasa, who showed up sniffing around while he was conveniently out shopping. The rest of the party said the other person had gone, so ... he tried his best to live up to that.

Marcus the Mage, Baradhi and Jayson went shopping. As it happened, we found out that someone else had paid Marcus to do the spell. Wouldn't it be convenient to pay someone to do your dirty work if there's a high risk of dying while preparing the spell? Baradhi knew the spell the guy was casting wouldn't work, but that it also wasn't lethal.

Jayson bought a nice, cheap gem for Gorbash, which wasn't half as appreciated as the diamond Booker went and got him. Booker, strangely, decided to share the bonus money ... and not keeping anything for himself. He got gifts for the whole party, so repenting for blowing up the side of a building obviously agreed with him.

Baradhi got an Astral Plane visit from the creatures, whose queen we sort of allowed them to rescue. They were grateful to have their queen back, and said there would be a reward to pick up. Oh, and they would be back in ten days time to collect Marcus. As our contract to protect him would be up before then, we didn't see a problem with this - but were morally obliged to warn him. Not that he heeded our warning, but there you go.

Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to make friends and alienate creatures

Our shoot-out with the weird creatures continued. In the Mage's basement, where tentacles of DARKNESS tried getting at us, but some dragonbreath and plasma missiles later, the creatures were gone ... along with part of the wall.

Booker tried to convince us he was Jayne with naming his weapons. He also decided to shoot part of a building off and crush one of the Rakshashas - which was probably not the best idea ever. Not when their supposed leader came by to frown on us for being in the general vicinity and probably had something to do with it.

We were also considering our part of the deal being fulfilled, considering we were hired to keep the bugs out of the building, and seeing as how they got in and got their queen out, we're thinking the Mage is probably going to be left alone from now on ... But apparently, that's not good enough. What do you have to do to get paid in this system, eh?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Every evil wizard has to start somewhere

Welcome to Rifts! It's 11 March 104 PA and a roleplaying party has been hired to babysit Marcus the Mage while he gets his shizzle together for some kind of spell around the Solstice time. There are bug-like creatures trying to kill him, and down with that sort of thing.

The problem is, once we got there and started digging into things, we came to realise maybe he wasn't such a good guy after all, and maybe, just maybe, the world would be better off without him - except then we wouldn't get paid, so there is that. We got him to sign a contract saying that if he locked himself inside his den (where we weren't allowed) and got killed, we'd still get paid, so we might be able to find a way around that ...

Well, if the bugs don't get us first.

  • Booker Dayes, Gunslinger
  • Gorbash, Dragon
  • Michael Baradhi, Ley Walker
  • Sir Jayson Oakwood, Cyber-Knight