Wednesday, 27 March 2013

It's always Nyarlathotep

The Delta Green GM had brought in Arkham Horror the boardgame, so we played that all session. We were doing quite well, despite it only being the three of us, but we eventually ran out of time and had to start packing up. It was fun playing, though. :)

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What's that coming out of the ground, is it a monster?

In the adventures of Mulligan and Cully, shizzle really hit the fan. Not only were the ATF storming the cult's compound, all guns blazing, because the person put in charge of them had body-swapped with a Japanese member of the mother cult, the rogue body-swapper was also trying to Do Something.

Mulligan jumped into a helicopter and tried to figure out how to smoke him out of the building by dropping something through the roof, and Cully went with an FBI team around the back. As soon as there was an earthquake and the building started to sink into the ground, she turn and ran, while Mulligan frantically called to Dieter the helicopter pilot to climb, because we had seen this sort of thing happen before.

True to form, a big tentacled monster came out of the ground, waved its tentacles around, ate the body-swapper and then decided to slink back into its cave. A broken stone/egg type thing might have had something to do with it, we're not sure.

Either way, the mission was a great success. Sort of. As long as Mulligan can rest up in a hospital for a month and Cully doesn't lose any more Sanity.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

In Cthulhu, it’s death or nothing

We got the translation of the manuscript in Japanese, the place featured on the photo the insane guy had on him when we had him sectioned was found, and Special Agents Mulligan and Cully went out there to have a look.

This was widely regarded as a bad move.

They found a barn with a hole in the ground. In the shadows, a green jelly monster. Down the hole in the ground, we dug up a piece of rock that was probably hollw inside. And then there was a big, black, tentacled monster.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Mulligan lowered a box of dynamite down the hole and set it on fire with a flare gun - and then legged it. He was one point away from death ... when he finally made a successful Jump roll, landing him face first on the bonnet of an FBI car. At least he lived to tell the tale.

Now we just hope the monster is an ex monster.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Must be talking to the tinfoil hat

Because Mulligan had an epic dice roll for whether or not people in a restaurant had a camera, it turned out a photography convention was being held at that hotel ... The photo in question was taken of a couple of Japanese fellas standing outside with a black Mercedes. We've been joined by the original offshoot of the Aum cult!

And we have reasons to believe we're going to need tinfoil hats going forward. In fact, the plan is to make stetsons with a Faraday cage inside, because we're all sophisticated, like. After all, isn't the tinfoil really meant to ward off things like radio waves? Then a Faraday cage is what you want! Simples!

Our journalist pal took us to see her father, who managed to translate enough of the old scroll we had in our possession to realise it wasn't the lyrics to a Eurythmics song. But we definitely agree that there are shenanigans afoot in Texas.