Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Giving Doctor Who a nosebleed

This was sort of our sewer level, as we crawled around trying to find the source of a horrific scream, heard underneath the cellar in the wine shop. We didn't find anything. Nor anything in the crypt in the church nearby.

There was, however, deaths following an incident in a goth club ...

By a stroke of luck, Cully's old physics degree might actually have been useful for something - she could decipher some sort of weird ritual, which, if we actually use, might rip the Swiss cheese of time and space open and let out Cthulhu. Which we might not want to do.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Oh ye of targeted plot

This week, we found us some hobos that Agent Mulligan equipped with cheap Wal-Mart pagers so they could get in touch easily. General Silver and Agent Cully put their heads together and made a sort of mystic powder, which they then filled bullet casings with - it's a weapon against the abominable diamond man!

We also explored the suspect's old haunts from the 1920s, out in Partridgeville.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

No bodies, no problem

We contined our investimagations and the cameras we put up in the basement of the wine shop finally paid off. The weird monster tried to come in through a smoke cloud, but because of the ball bearings scattered all over the floor, it couldn't materialise. Fascinating.

As it happened, we then had to get out of there to find where the thing would materialise instead. As it turned out, a couple of nutters who wanted to become "vampires" were there with it. And they all disappeared, in a puff of smoke ...

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Don't mention the war!

Happy Halloween, what what! Our GM was out trick-or-treatin' with his mini-me yesterday, so we didn't have a session. However, there were a few more quotes left over from the road trip in September/October, so here's more of our stereotyping musings from the good countries of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Oh, and France.

This is basically just a post to have something to post this week, as opposed to not posting at all. We're back again next week.