Saturday, 27 October 2012

I chose a bad day to quit drinking

As the group was joined by a brand new player, it ended up mainly being a short-ish introductory session, as the character had to be created, and we were waiting for Mulligan to show up as well, as he had been stuck at work. We had in fact only just begun by having the Special Agents introducing themselves to the new character when he showed up.

General Ada Silver is a giant in comparison with Mulligan and Cully, and is our military liaison officer. All she has to do to intimidate people is to show up and tower over them.

Together, we went to Hobb's Court, the scene of the first murder, and where Hobb's Lane used to be in 1928. There were some shops there, and we had people to ask a few questions. Except not the guy in the wine shop, who had mysteriously run away ...

Friday, 19 October 2012

That's why they put the I in FBI

After a prolonged re-cap to get the two very special agents up to speed after the three-week gaming break, Mulligan and Cully actually found clues. And plot. And all sorts of things that meant we progressed a whole lot more than normally would be expected.

Cully's dice rolls were consistently awful, but on the other hand, she had had a big scare the night before. Still, as Mulligan's rolls were pretty good, we still made headway.

We found out that the hat had belonged to a doctor, who disappeared four months after the murder of a writer in 1928, whose corpse had similarities with the present day killings. The doctor's forwarding address shortly before going missing were close to where the first and fifth murder took place.

Might this be some sort of weird transcendental time travel, with a doctor possessed by a creature from another dimension? We don't really want to believe this one.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Dude, where's our beer?

Okay, well, I couldn't quite stop myself to jot down a few comments, primarily mentioned while driving. Roadtrip!!

These are comments between Vianden in Belgium and Munich in Germany ... where we may have gone to the Oktoberfest. We'd post a review, if it was that kind of blog, but it isn't, so instead, some craziness. Mostly about our Germanic neighbours.

Read everything in a German accent, and you get the idea. In fact, you should have heard one of the tour guides at one of the castles visited. He spoke English in German. Sort of like Arnie, except with an even heavier accent. So read some of the comments in that accent for a giggle.