Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Chasing cubist killers with festive earrings!

We gave the diamonds back to the store from whence they came, because after a careful risk assessment, we decided they were safest there. As it happened, Mulligan also figured out reflective surfaces is what repels it. Round reflective surfaces. So, naturally, we donned round, reflective sunglasses (like John & Yoko, but with mirror effect glass) and bought a box of Christmas baubles. Well, it's almost Halloween, after all ...

Not-so-lucky for us, we also came face to face with the killer, looking a lot like something Picasso would paint if he was HP Lovecraft. And then he disappeared, the bastard. Perhaps just as well, because Cully very nearly lost her marbles in the process.

Next time, we're thinking shotguns. Lots and lots of them. It will kill it eventually, right? As long as we riddle it with bullets for long enough? Well, we can always douse it with liquid nitrogen first to slow it down, and then go flamethrower on its ass. Sounds like a plan!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

This is not plagiarism, honest

Investimagations continued. Mulder Mulligan wanted to detain the three Goth vigilantes (that Cully shot a flare gun at last session) for way longer than the DA thought acceptable, while Cully was busy carvin' cadavers down in the morgue.

The victims were all killed in much the same way. There was a blue goo left behind in the wounds, which proved to be lethal when she subjected a lab mouse to it. Sadly, Cully's player can't really technobabble medical jargon, so the explanation to what's happening might soon be along the lines of "reversing the polarity of the ovid adrenal sphincter".

As the investigation progressed, the two FBI agents ended up in a jewellery store, and persuaded the shop owner to hand over three big diamonds ("only" worth $14M) for safe-keeping, in case the store would be burgled by invisible people with jaw-span of 1.5 metre that can chew through steel.

Oh, and the death count is currently at four. Might be five once an Arab Sheikh gets woken up by Agent Mulligan's phone call in the middle of the night, or when the killer realises that Agent Cully fits his/her/its M.O. to a tee. Help.

Friday, 14 September 2012

The Truth is Out There with scary monsters

We've now started the new groups, so it's just the three of us now, or at least for the time being. Delta Green is a Call of Cthulhu derivative, set in the modern day. We're currently in New York investigating some horrendous murders. When we started, a couple of young women had been murdered and drained of blood in NYC, and the case was so odd that they called in the FBI's most unwanted ...

As the premise of the game is so delightfully X-Filesy, we decided to completely run with this idea, and created two characters that may or may not look like this:

They're called - wait for it - Special Agents Tiger Mulligan and Sarah Cully. Because, you know, Mox Fulder would've been too obvious, and he couldn't just be called Fox. He did, however, do his degree in psychology at a university in Oxford and has worked in criminal profiling in the FBI. Oh, and his sister was abducted by aliens when he was 12.

S Cully is a trained medical doctor specialising in forensics, who did her undergraduate thesis in physics. (Something about Einstein?) She believes in science and the teachings of Cathol. In retrospect, the S should've stood for Samantha instead of Sarah, but never mind.

As there's just the three of us, with a moderately sane GM, the list of quotes won't be as long as other games, but they should still provide some entertainment value.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's all gone a bit Laudanum

Here's a collection of quotes from our Victoriana game, played over a few weeks in July and August. The three players (one regrettably dropped out between character generation and the start of the game a couple of weeks later) were elves, and they woke up in a field somewhere in the English countryside, not far from a burning airship.

Robert Affette ("Bob") was naked, Cedric Ignatius Dashwood ("Cid") wore ill-fitting clothes (because they were Bob's), and no one dared touch Unlike's rags. No one remembered who they were, where they were or how they had got there, but the burning airship and dead parrot probably had something to do with it.

Trying to find civilisation, they came across an awkward lord, Ralph, and his shy Irish farmhand, Ted Doyle, who were discussing what to do about the pesky drainage in the lower field. The gang invited themselves to the lord's manor, where they got offered tea by Ted's missus, who insisted. A lot.

After some investimagating, it was decided to go and talk to a nearby vicar, who might have some clues, and so the vicar did. He recognised them as the paranormal investigators he had hired to suss out what the ghostly nun haunting grounds of the new-built rectory wanted. Poltergeist phenomena occurred, orbs went missing from crypts, churchwardens muttered, and the residents of the local manor house might or might not have murdered one of their maids.

And not once did anyone bat as much as an eyelid at the adventure being set at the most haunted house in England. Guess not everyone is as obsessed with Borley Rectory as myself. *cough* As I ran the game, there was less time to write things down, but I'm planning on transcribing the sessions in the next few weeks.