Saturday, 21 July 2012

Exploding pizzerias - that's us!

So, we retreated to the hotel across the road and waited. A patrol bot decided to stop for pizza, so once it was inside the pizzeria, we blew it up. This set off the fire alarm in the hotel, so we had to evacuate.

Back in the lobby, where we had spent a previous few hours loitering with intent, JDog was advised he wouldn't be welcome back, even if he actually had enough money to stay there - and then some.

In a bid to get out of there, a story about how he was to smuggle a couple of star-crossed lovers (Dru and Mr G) out of the city so they could live happily ever after. Err, yeah.

Will, who was left as a look-out, got busted by the police and had to be towed after our getaway car by way of magic - he was floating up in the air. Sadly, he left his computer behind. Hopefully no one will be able to figure it out.

In the end, it was decided that we couldn't possibly get the job done in the required three days, so we phoned the client to say sorry, unless we're given a small army, it's a no go. So that's a shame - we didn't get any money ... and we didn't even get to Seattle.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Dynamite, I've missed you so

After Will hacked a frigde to get some information, and we had a big discussion about superheroes, we tried to come up with a Plan. The great plan, somehow, was to draw the Iron Jaws out of their territory, to neutral ground. This neutral ground was deemed to be the pizzeria we had visited previously.

At the pizzeria, we were going to order one pizza of each kind ... so that there would be nothing inconspicuous going on or something ... and then we'd blow the whole place up with the Iron Jaws inside and it made some kind of sense at the time.

We went to the pizzeria, ordered the pizzas, but when it was decided to start murderising Mario and his staff, Mr G knocked out half the party as well as the staff. Will then proceeded to slit the restaurant staff's throats with a pizza slicer, because he felt it was "appropriate". Dude, it's only "appropriate" if you're the Joker!

Friday, 6 July 2012

We don't need no coffee, let this building block explode

When we finally managed to get on-topic, we paid for the pizza and then headed over to a deserted building so that Will the human hacker could get started on tracking down the missing elf we're supposed to find. Meanwhile, Dru the eco-warrior dwarf checked up on her eBay bids in the background, and Mr G the troll mage/enforcer and JDog the orc gangster had a heart-to-heart. JDog learned to be worried about his new employer/partner-in-crime very quickly.

Unfortunately, we were caught by a team of Chinese-talking assassins, but we pulled the pin off a grenade and legged it. A survivor came after us (despite some great blending into a crowd we got up to), but he was quickly, ehh, liquidated. Or liquified? One of those.

Injured yet knowing where we had to go, we healed up and headed to an Internet café in Iron Jaw territory, where the target was last seen. He looks to have been taken captive by the Iron Jaws. We thought we were getting out of there okay but ... we might have been mistaken.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Are you ready to sort some magical shit?

Since we finished the Call of Cthulhu game, we have had a session of character creation (very few quotes) and the session this past Tuesday was partly more character creation, and partially actually playing. To make up for lost time, we're throwing in a few lines from the last ChimeraCon as well.

In Shadowrun, the characters are an orc with muscles, a human hacker, a troll mage enforcer and an eco warrior dwarf. The troll and the dwarf were hired to find a guy who had gone missing. They, in turn, hired the other two ... and then had some pizza. Like you do.