Monday, 26 December 2011

Seasonal greetings from the six of us

No session this week, due it it bein' all Christmassy 'n' all. Have a good 'un!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Go directly to jail, do not pass Wollaton Hall!

Finn's back, falling off a chandelier when waking up from a drunken night. We all got taken to the police station because the police arrived suspiciously early because they heard a couple of drug gangs were fighting it out at the Hall, and when the police looked through the house, found a pound of drugs in a safe. Turned out Jack's event manager was responsible, so we were all let off.

After speaking with our friend the Count, we got invited to a party, to celebrate Jack being raised to Baron. Huzzah! He immediately got plastered on really strong Troll ale and had to be restored by Flora. While Finn was on the scene playing guitar, Set ran off to help when hearing a Redcap had broken into the kitchen. This turned into a showdown between him, the Redcap, Hugo (one of the Count's men) and Jack, who had come to see where Set had rushed off to.

The Redcap, as it turned out, was breaking in to attempt reading poetry at Sophia Valdemar, the Count's daugher (whose brain tumour we still haven't been able to find a cure for), but he got locked up in the toilet instead. At least he wasn't killed.

Meanwhile, at the main table, Alysiana tried flirting her way into the skirts of a beautiful Sidhe woman, and Flora sat there nursing her ale, pondering what she'd put up at the crafts fair suggested by Jack. The session ended when we were just about to enter into a full-on drinking game, so that'll be for next time ...

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Meta-gaming Blues Brothers kill Jesus

Since the last Changeling session back in August, about five weeks have passed in-game. Alysiana has voluntarily locked herself in a cell while we investigate who she is - or rather, whether or not she's really evil. There has also been time to make snazzy sunglasses, allowing a person to see dark fey, and a prisoner has been interrogated ... albeit not very successfully.

And then a group of angry Redcaps showed up, broke a reinforced gate camera at Jack's place (Wollaton Hall), and tried to get in and, err, cause trouble. And while this was going on, Finn managed to have fallen asleep on a chandelier - because that's the sort of mischief that might happen to a character when their player can't make the session. (We're waiting expectantly for his waking up on Tuesday, just to see his reaction.)

Oh, and Alysiana was given a once-over by a group of Nockers. It made for very fine roleplaying indeed. Could've been another one of them French art films ...

Thursday, 8 December 2011

We’re gonna need a bigger airlock

Last weekend played host to ChimeraCon 6 - a 24 hour roleplaying event at Chimera in Beeston. These are the quotes from the first session's Eclipse Phase game (3 December 2011), which was a continuation of the story from ChimeraCon 5 in September.

We didn't have a session on Tuesday night because the GM was ill and another party member was away. We should be starting the next Changeling adventure this following Tuesday, though.

Anyway, in this session's eventful Eclipse Phase, we went to a space station, fought an airlock, conversed with a big orca whale who later got sucked out of an airlock, and other crazy aliens that had read too much Animal Farm. And then we sort of turned the ship into a portable Pandora Gate, or something like that, with only a couple of original bodies actually surviving. Hats off to our fallen comrades!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bark to the Future

After the explosion, Scraps dug a hole through the rubble to get Jackie (and a bunch of gear) out. Then we blew another hole ... in the wall, leading to the outside. Equipped with some kind of flying belt, we made our way up to the top of the mountain. Where we encountered Stone. That's right, the original harrowed himself.


Yeah, suck on that for a bit! Okay, so Slick's Manitou took over, twice, first dropping Jackie off the edge - but luckily, he came to his senses at the last minute and rescued her. In the end, when Stone had melted through the floor - muttering something about we might have won this time, but like the Terminator, he'd be back - he did a similar thing to Reynard. Reynard answered by barbecuing him with a flamethrower on the way down, thus putting a crispy end to our trecherous friend, the homicidal alchemist.

Reynard then turned on the force field, bounced unharmed on the ground, picked up the strangely unharmed belt, which he then tried to argue with the GM about until the rest of us shouted to him to just roll with it. When the GM hands you a flight belt so you can fly back up the mountain unharmed and join your friends and live happily ever after (or die trying), you sure as hell don't argue the slight implausibility of the belt's working condition!

But yeah, we saved the day. Scraps ran toward the stone, Mary shot it away from the portal thingy it was in, Scraps picked it up by swallowing it, and ran toward her. She grabbed him and together, they flew back down to the portal room and headed to the future, closely joined by Jackie and Reynard. On the other side, the portal was sealed off, and everyone left with the conundrum of how to get the Heart of Darkness out of Scraps's belly without hurting him.

And that's all folks, thus concludes our story. The Posse is now stuck 200 years into the future. Here's how we got there: