Friday, 30 September 2011

We are the worst saviours of the future EVER

We were heading toward Salt Lake City The City of Gloom by train - well, except we had to catch it first, and had only just missed the previous one by a day. We had to camp out and Gunney attacked by a big maggot-looking thing. Not that he knew anything about it, he was fast asleep. Its smouldering corpse was ground down to powder by Slick, who added mint and called it a fine gum, but then again, his tastebuds have become rather peculiar as of late.

We then had the idea of flying to Devil's Tower, which ultimately ended in Reynard falling out of the damned craft (it had no seatbelts, see, because those things hadn't been invented at the time) plummeting to his death. Except he's not called "Lucky" for nothing. If he HAD died, though, he would've actually become Harrowed. Alas, he's still in the world of the living ... somehow. Well, at least until the next session.

Now we're stuck in the middle of nowhere, because our method of transportation decided to crash land because it wasn't made by our Sam. Sam, in turn, had his horrible cough cured by Mary, and the black gunk in his lungs turned out to be souls ... which Slick saved some of in a jar. Like you do.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

HOLY CRAP, we're the X-Men!

From last week, we were left with a number of zombies to defeat in a warehouse. This resulted in lots of shots to the legs (Gunney’s in particular); Sam sneaking out through a hole he blew in the wall – and conveniently returned when the rest of the party were just finishing off the last of the zombies, of course; and Mary suddenly finding her faith started to have some startling effects – and got a halo to prove it. Is she actually one of Grimme’s servants or has she just spent a load of pent-up XP in order for the rest of them to start greeting her with “Hail Mary”? Either way, laying on hands turned out to be a rather useful thing to have … Not that it cured Gunney’s delusion that he now has a superpower: a telekinetic hand that can stop bullets. We’re screwed. Especially since a lady from the future hired us to go find some sort of portal housed in a Steven Spielberg film.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Yes, the inside of a demon looks like an Aero bar

Everyone present and accounted for, finally. Slick wasn't killed after all - he just passed out after smelling the rest of us. Then we were off to Grimme's Cathedral to fight a murder of demons. (Demons don't "flock" or "gaggle", they "murder", obviously.) The map the GM drew was a little ... special, but somehow we managed to live to tell the tale. This is it.

Monday, 12 September 2011

We sent them there to die, not to win!

This weekend just gone meant ChimeraCon 5 - a 24 hour roleplaying event at Chimera in Beeston. These are the quotes from the first session's Eclipse Phase game (10 September 2011), which was a continuation of the story from ChimeraCon 4 in June. As a special treat, we have also included quotes from the fourth session's game of Exalted "Light" (11 September 2011), for your pleasure.

In Eclipse Phase, we went to Mars and encountered both flying piranhas and tweetfish. Do you know what happens when a whole tank full of tweetfish simultaneously panic and tweet that they want their water changed? Read and find out. Maybe.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

First encounter in the prison and one character is already unconscious

As it happened, we were a player down again – but a different one this time. Gunney woke up and promptly punched Slick unconscious for having given him food poisoning. The party then discovered that the meat he’d used for the gumbo was in fact “long-pig”, mm-mmh. So the unconscious Alchemist was tied up, because no one heard Mary’s insistence that it wasn’t Sam’s missing leg that had been munched on, but that Slick had just bought the meat from a shop around the corner.

Then it was off the Rock Island Prison, which we completely failed to blow up. Just trying to enter through the sewers made three characters fall unconscious for a bit, but at least they weren’t attacked – that page was apparently missed off on the print. Lucky us! We then discovered something akin to an old woman’s pantry in the Dreaming, which caused a couple of characters to gain a minor phobia, one aged a year and Mary … got lots of inspiration for her next dime novel, as she was the only one who didn’t fail her Guts check. (She’s surprisingly good at rolling high on those checks. It’s getting kinda suspicious.) We also managed to go the right way, quietly, and found Pete’s friend – but not that pesky diamond …

Oh, and biscuits might now count as really awesome poker chips. We just need to convince the GM to run with it.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

We found a clue and we killed it!

Still one player down, Reynard and Slick went looking for clues - and killed him, but they didn't know that at the time. Sam and Mary stayed back at the boarding house and tinkered with the whirlygig, which Sam then took for a spin ... to dispose of the clue body the others had brought back. In the end, we met a shady character (they're all shady, aren't they?) who offered us a job: to break his friend out of prison. Money-hungry Slick accepted before we actually had a chance to get the details. Such as: who that friend actually is, and if it's really in our best interest to break him out of a very scary jail ...