Sunday, 14 January 2018

You deserve a shotgun refund

This session was sort of like three solo adventures. Or, well, side quests. We all went around doing our own things. Talking to people. Training montages from Psyscape. Dreamlike visions of Nxla followers. Plans being made up. Distances were estimated and fact-checked against Google Maps (although technically we measured the driving distance, not the way the dragon flies).

Hopefully we'll come together next week and do some stuff together as a party.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ohh, THAT apocalypse

The symbiote previously known as Barry was apparently actually called Bally according to the player's notes. We're not sure if that's an improvemen or not.

Anyway. Plot progressed. Turns out some bad nights were caused by visions of some cultists bringing Nxla back. Yeah! Them other cultists don't know how to act. And so on. There was a guy there who blended in with the ceiling, had a very pointy nose and a forked tongue and looked like it has something to do with Coalition State.

We went on a quest to speak to Psyscape, by way of meeting the Grey Seers again. We didn't cause a cell to burst into flame this time, so I think they don't mind seeing us again.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

You're very pretty for an orc

Back in the wonderfully post-apocalyptic world of Rifts, we have encountered things like a kidnapping plot against Maria, a gang leader who might also be having a bit of handsome Cyber-knight whenever it takes either of their fancy. The plot was a way to get to us through Jayson (who would of course be obliged to rescue his damsel in distress, even though said damsel could definitely kick the bad guys where it hurts). You see, we were hiding out trying to avoid getting murderised by people who would be paid very handsomely for that deed.

Bizarrely, we didn't foil the plans, they just ... went away. The price on our heads, as it turned out, had been rescinded by Splugorth. Why Splugorth wants us alive, we aren't entirely sure about, but it's making us uneasy for sure.

We also met up with Ixchal and took a trip with the Kizzards in order to give Alistair's brother his life back. Alistair's brother is now a mute Kizzard with a human soul, and Booker discovered that Hecate has absolutely no sense of humour. You don't tell her jokingly that she should stop Jayson holding a blade to Booker's neck (a warning as he was starting to move in a very shifty way), because Hecate proceeded to lightning bolt Jayson, who, as it turned out, could smoulder not just in figurative ways but also in very literal ones.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Feeding Kanye West to an undead T-Rex

Our modern day superheroes have managed to restore the missing school to the physical world again, except it's relocated to Easter Island. The heroes relocated to Moscow to find our Russian characters frozen in stasis coffins. People having to act out two characters at once ensued.

Then there was a portal to Wall Street and fighting Eris, goddess of chaos, and suchlike until the world was saved. This involved a pillar that was supposed to have been a lava lamp but in fact was a couple of Appletiser cans stacked on top of each other, figurines in tiny cages, an undead T-Rex that had lived in the sewers, Kanye West and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

In the end the bad guys were defeated and most of the characters were still alive to tell the tale afterwards. Good game, great campaign. :)

Sunday, 26 November 2017

What does the desert fox say?

In this riveting final episode (for now) of Godbound, we discover that the god Gond isn't dead after all! And it's very possible Mystra isn't either!

We investigated a few places, and came across a Thayan wizard dude and there had been a lot of people dying and so on and so forth. Because Gunda took the Thor word, she walked along being some kind of lightning rod so that everyone else wouldn't get zapped.

We met a Shadow Prince as well. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm mixing up things here quite a lot, but it's been over a week since we had this session and I'm writing this half asleep. In fact, the Thayan wizard wasn't a Thayan wizard, it was Gond. The Thayan wizard was the dude with the flesh golem miners.

And then we came across a mountain where flesh golems were mining platinum, totally nicking our idea. They were ... taken care of. Turned out Gond had been stuck in some other plane of existance for quite some time. Some being tried to pretend to be Oghma, but this didn't seem right to Denethor, Oghma's second in command.

There was a city of platinum hidden in that mountain, and a portal to another place, so we sealed it up because things shouldn't come out of there. Nothing good comes out of there.