Sunday, 11 February 2018

Everyone in the countryside is nuts

The story continues!

The group is not sure why Cid would have dressed in women's clothing, but they have a search through the burning remains of their crashed airship in case of clues. They find a piece of a map and spend a long time wondering where they might be on it, despite the map being of a city in Africa and they're clearly in the Queen's own country. Suffolk, as it happens.

They find a dead parrot, which is given a proper burial rather than being eaten for dinner, and perhaps make some headway as to who they might be and what they were doing.

That's when they come across a field with a drainage problem being assessed by a quiet Irish handyman and an awkward lord who invites the party back to the house ...

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Why are we in a field and who are you?

Filler post, so here's where the Victoriana adventure begins!

Three people wake up in a field on a fine English summer day. The first one to wake up (Cid) is dressed, but the second (Bob Afette) isn't - he's stark naked. The third is Baldrick Unlike. Neither of them know any of this, because they're all suffering from amnesia.

Cid turns out to be wearing Bob's clothes. Following a smoke plume a bit further away they discover an airship crash site and a dead parrot. They decide this is where they came from, and finding some fetching clothes Cid changes into these - ladies' clothes, for some hitherto unknown reason - and Bob gets his clothes back.

But where are they? WHO are they? And what the hell happened?

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Aslan was my direbadger form

At the end of this session, all three of us actually managed to join up again, yay!

Tannhauser dared Gorbash to travel through dragon territory and say hi to the dragon kings. Gorbash said (tl;dr) challenge accepted, because he was going to travel to Tolkeen with Jayson - once Jayson got back from the spa retreat that is Psyscape. Psyscape has a psychic hobo as a chief who liked blowing some kind of weird smoke bubbles at people, and who had a really nice rug.

Booker, meanwhile, was travelling by boat toward the same place. Some Mystic Knights tasked the legendary Booker with finding and killing Aureol the Avenger and get the ancient artefact "Mobius Band" for them. This is on par with getting your mitts on the Holy Grail, but he didn't know that at the time. He also said he would do what he could within his capability, and killing an ancient Great Horned dragon is not what he considers one of them. Gorbash certainly wasn't pleased to hear of it!

Also: maybe Gorbash is some sort of reincarnation of Jesus. Like Aslan.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

You deserve a shotgun refund

This session was sort of like three solo adventures. Or, well, side quests. We all went around doing our own things. Talking to people. Training montages from Psyscape. Dreamlike visions of Nxla followers. Plans being made up. Distances were estimated and fact-checked against Google Maps (although technically we measured the driving distance, not the way the dragon flies).

Hopefully we'll come together next week and do some stuff together as a party.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Ohh, THAT apocalypse

The symbiote previously known as Barry was apparently actually called Bally according to the player's notes. We're not sure if that's an improvemen or not.

Anyway. Plot progressed. Turns out some bad nights were caused by visions of some cultists bringing Nxla back. Yeah! Them other cultists don't know how to act. And so on. There was a guy there who blended in with the ceiling, had a very pointy nose and a forked tongue and looked like it has something to do with Coalition State.

We went on a quest to speak to Psyscape, by way of meeting the Grey Seers again. We didn't cause a cell to burst into flame this time, so I think they don't mind seeing us again.