Sunday, 3 December 2017

Feeding Kanye West to an undead T-Rex

Our modern day superheroes have managed to restore the missing school to the physical world again, except it's relocated to Easter Island. The heroes relocated to Moscow to find our Russian characters frozen in stasis coffins. People having to act out two characters at once ensued.

Then there was a portal to Wall Street and fighting Eris, goddess of chaos, and suchlike until the world was saved. This involved a pillar that was supposed to have been a lava lamp but in fact was a couple of Appletiser cans stacked on top of each other, figurines in tiny cages, an undead T-Rex that had lived in the sewers, Kanye West and all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

In the end the bad guys were defeated and most of the characters were still alive to tell the tale afterwards. Good game, great campaign. :)

Sunday, 26 November 2017

What does the desert fox say?

In this riveting final episode (for now) of Godbound, we discover that the god Gond isn't dead after all! And it's very possible Mystra isn't either!

We investigated a few places, and came across a Thayan wizard dude and there had been a lot of people dying and so on and so forth. Because Gunda took the Thor word, she walked along being some kind of lightning rod so that everyone else wouldn't get zapped.

We met a Shadow Prince as well. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm mixing up things here quite a lot, but it's been over a week since we had this session and I'm writing this half asleep. In fact, the Thayan wizard wasn't a Thayan wizard, it was Gond. The Thayan wizard was the dude with the flesh golem miners.

And then we came across a mountain where flesh golems were mining platinum, totally nicking our idea. They were ... taken care of. Turned out Gond had been stuck in some other plane of existance for quite some time. Some being tried to pretend to be Oghma, but this didn't seem right to Denethor, Oghma's second in command.

There was a city of platinum hidden in that mountain, and a portal to another place, so we sealed it up because things shouldn't come out of there. Nothing good comes out of there.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

I spent all my dice on revolutions

This week's session was cancelled due to illness, so here's something we prepared earlier.

In Soviet Russia we decided what we were doing in the time between the end of the 1980s until 1994 or thereabouts. The communist state was overthrown. A hole was punched in the Berlin wall. Hulk Hogan became Hawk Hogan. A disillusioned propaganda/brainwashing machine went to England, a communist state, only to find herself in the midst of another revolution.

An assortment of TV show hosts (Lawrence "The Upholsterer", Alan "The Gardener", Dale "The Supermarket Sweeper" and a guy from Time Team "The Archivist") showed up to kick behinds. It was peculiar, although that's pretty common in M&M, to be fair ...

Let's get back to Mother Russia, because "at least it's home".

Problem is that suddenly this big planet or something had appeared through a tear in the sky, and there were now baddies flooding Moscow. Baddies with lots and lots of nukes and stuff.

(The Truth may have died, but she might also live on, having turned Evergreen into some kind of Horcrux. Or something.)

There was a battle. Supers fought bravely. Then the flashback ended ...

Sunday, 5 November 2017

I love being a crazy god!

We went to check out the local Center Parcs holiday resort thingy. There were orcs. The orcs were having an argument about who should get to have a key. Elani made everyone in the party look like orcs and then challenged them - the key should go to him (her).

The key was eventually found inside a platinum chest inside a vault. She showed the key to the orcs, making her alias the rightful leader of the orcs, and told them to go kill some Netheril to prove their worth. They went on their merry way and we emptied the vault and took the riches back to Tilverton to fund our new Pantheon.

Three sessions ago we only had a session or two left. At this rate, we have at least two more sessions. We like to take our time, clearly.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Is it bestiality if you're a metamorph?

Further delvings into the floating city we found last week. There was a tower, where a door mysteriously happened to be open (it's good when you've got a person with the Luck word in the party!). At the top we discovered something with vampire glass, so the building started to melt. Stuff like that.

There was also an orb that could, umm, turn nuclear. Our pet wizard turned it into a staff, because he didn't get an artifact weapon like the rest of us. Problem is that if he's ever to drop the damn thing, we'll all die in a Michael Bay style explosion.

When we got back to Tilverton we found that we had received summons to our respective gods' temples. Answering those summons meant that we're now properly middle management, sub-gods to the major gods Silvanus, Oghma and Tempus. Varyon's going his own way, because he's big-headed the world lacks a god of magic.